Carnival ideas in Solidarity Tracks

Καλημέρα Λευκαδιανς!! Τη κάνης?
Simera we want to speak about the next most important event: Carnival!🎉🎊 Have you already started to make your costumes? What is your theme? In Solidarity Tracks we start to think about it and finally after long meetings, we decided to dress up for manifest the way that we treat our enviroment, specially the oceans and sea. For this, we were thinking to make a huge monster of trash, fishes, tourists, volunteers and the sea. So now, we are going to speak about our characters to know the reasons why they are going to dress up like this😊…/carnival-ideas-in-solidarity-tra…

So these are our proposition for Carnival! Hope that we inspired you to think about your ideas and use this amazing party to help our planet. You can raise the awareness about problems that our planet is suffering for and help us to make the change🌍🌊🌞Ευχαριστώ Πόλη!

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