Training Course E-learning for EVS+

Solidarity Tracks in cooperation with Avec association from Tunisia is managing the second Training Course of the project E-learning for EVS plus – Capacity building in the field of youth. Subject of the training focuses on the role of future E-mentors.We asked participants of the training about their experience and feedback of learning process.

Natural cosmetics workshop

Organic cosmetics workshops Every Monday 19:00-20:00 From 15/01 to 19/02/2018 at Solidarity Tracks Participation fee for all the meetings: 15€ Solidarity Tracks, Karavella 12, 31100 Lefkada Registration: 2645023123, Εργαστήριο βιολογικών καλλυντικών Κάθε Δευτέρα 19:00-20:00 από 15/1/18 έως 19/2/18 στα Μονοπάτια Αλληλεγγύης κόστος συμμετοχής 15 ευρώ Μονοπάτια Αλληλεγγύης, Καραβέλλα 12, 31100 Λευκάδα Δηλώστε συμμετοχή στο … More Natural cosmetics workshop

Carnival ideas in Solidarity Tracks

Καλημέρα Λευκαδιανς!! Τη κάνης? Simera we want to speak about the next most important event: Carnival!🎉🎊 Have you already started to make your costumes? What is your theme? In Solidarity Tracks we start to think about it and finally after long meetings, we decided to dress up for manifest the way that we treat our … More Carnival ideas in Solidarity Tracks

Start the New Year with Solidarity Tracks’ new activities!

Kalimera Lefkadians!!! Today we want to speak about activities that our organisation is preparing for you! This year we start with a lot of energy and power and we want to share this with you🤗. What do you think to start the year learning Spanish?🇪🇸️ Or maybe you prefer to create your own jewellery to … More Start the New Year with Solidarity Tracks’ new activities!

Recycling in Lefkada with Lefkogaia and Tia Bley

Good morning Lefkadians! Today we want to talk about Recycling in Lefkada and the work Lefkogaia is doing to implant a good recycling culture in the island. To know more about them and their activities we interviewed Tia Bley, local artist and collaborator of Lefkogaia, to tell us more about the artistic and education activities … More Recycling in Lefkada with Lefkogaia and Tia Bley

Laughter Therapy

Good afternoon Lefkadians! Today we want to tell you about Pierre Fayet and his laughing therapy. Pierre Fayet is a renowned rigologue who graduated from both the Laughter Yoga University and the International School of laughter and Happiness. He paid us a visit to Solidarity Tracks and showed us the “Laughing without Reason” technique, so we … More Laughter Therapy

Spring Festival Interviews

Dear Lefkadians, Finally the long-time awaited emissions on the Spring Festival is here. For the first episode you’ll be able to listen to our EVS volunteers explaining the activities they prepared and the users giving their opinion on the activities, Solidarity Tracks and our Radio Channel. For the second part, we are featuring interviews to representatives of other stands … More Spring Festival Interviews

Active Citizens Contest – EVS Volunteers Experiences 4

Good morning Lefkadians! We are here once again to talk about Active Citizenship and how our EVS volunteers get engaged with their communities. For our last emission on this topic, Alexia and Sheila will talk about volunteering for international organizations in their hometown to contribute to a good cause, and Cyrielle will tell us all … More Active Citizens Contest – EVS Volunteers Experiences 4